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Relocation to London: The Most Culturally Tradition of the Weekend- Sunday Roast

I can’t believe I’ve been amiss in not mentioning before now the most important meal and part of the English culture as the “Sunday Roast”. It’s the most traditional and regularly served meal in all of the United Kingdom and particularly in mainland England. There are multiple explanations for when the tradition began. Some believe it’s a left over tradition from the medieval times when squires worked six days a week and on Sundays after service they would practice their battle techniques in a big field and be rewarded afterwards with roasted oxen over an open fire.

Living In London – Discovering British Cuisine

When you are living in London you will find that people are divided into two camps. Those that are slightly disparaging about the concept of British cuisine and those that are proud of their traditional English food. One of the major issues seems to be the idea that Britain has no national dish! Part of this is because London, in particular. Is a transient city and England itself has always welcomed immigrants and foreigners to their shores. This has created something of a cultural melting pot, and this has spread across into the culinary field as well. So as soon as you are settled into your new London rental, you should spend some time sampling what are considered to be traditional English meals and foods.