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Understanding State Schools when Moving to London England

Families moving to London England from the United States often worry about their children’s education and rightfully so. There are many choices in education in England especially in London. Understanding the distinctions is the first step to making a decision before moving to London England. Unlike in the States public schools (or schools paid for by the government and free to attend) are called state schools. If referring to a ‘public school’ in London one means a privately owned and operated school.

Living in London – Education: It All Comes Out In the Wash!

If you are an American moving to London and your family is going to be joining you on your adventure then part of your planning is going to be education. Your choice of education for your children will affect which neighborhood of London you choose to live in. The schooling system in England and London especially is divided into districts. You are not allowed to attend a school in another zone or area if you do not live in that area. Notable exceptions are the public schools. (Remember that private schools are known as public schools in England!)

Living in London – Education and Schooling: The State School System

It can be a bit of a challenge if you are moving to London with children of school age. Schooling will be of paramount importance, and the fact that children have to attend the school that is closest to where they live, will have an impact on where you decide to live in London. Attending school outside of the catchment area is nearly impossible, and there would need to be very specialized circumstances for a child to be allowed to attend a school in another district.

Living in London – Education and Schools

If you are moving to London with your children, then one of your primary concerns is going to be whether or not they are going to have an adequate education while they are in England. The debate rages endlessly about the standard of education in most countries, but the fact of the matter is that if you are traveling to London with children then your choice of schools and schooling for them might have a massive impact on where you are going to live. In most cases you have to live in the catchment area of a specific school for your child to be accepted into the school. If you have a London apartment in an area that is out of the school district of a particular school, then you might struggle a bit to get your child accepted.