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Considering Moving To South London?

The first decision to make for those moving to London will be where to find the perfect London rental. Choosing whether one will become a Northerner or from Sarf London is the first step. There are many factors to consider when making the decision on which neighborhood to move to and while London relocation agents can provide useful insight, the choice will ultimately be based upon families’ preferences.

Living In London – Neighborhoods – South London

South London is one of the more affordable areas to look at when you’re moving to London. There will always be the great debate about the north vs. the south and many expats choose to live north of the river because the tube transport is better, but South London is an area that is rapidly becoming the choice of the upwardly mobile.

South London – Clapham

Clapham is only just south of the very center of London and is a neighborhood that is a popular choice for young city professionals. Clapham is an extremely trendy area and is filled with classy bars, clubs and restaurants. You can expect to pay about £800 per week for a studio London apartment up to about £3000 for a rather fancy luxury family home. Clapham is considered one of the better places to buy property if you you’re considering staying in London for a few years.