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Living In London – Heading Out Of Town

Living in London will give you loads of opportunities to explore the rest of England as well as your new city. If you’re looking for some interesting day-trips out of the city as a part of your immersion into English life and culture then you should take a trip to Stonehenge and the nearby city of Salisbury which has a magnificent cathedral that is well worth a visit.

“Stone the Perishing Crows!” –Everything you Need to Know About the English Language when moving in London

Part of moving to London is getting settled as fast as possible and you can’t do that unless you have at least a little understanding of the way that people in England speak English. Not everybody sounds like Hugh Grant dripping honey off every vowel and consonant, and not even watching the fabulously funny Bridget Jones will give you a true sense of the way that Londoner’s, and people in England speak English. At times, it might sound as if they’re speaking a foreign language, but with a little help and a good ear, you can be speaking like a local in no time.