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Relocation UK – Disney Royalty Comes to London!

That’s right – Disney is coming to London, and though it’s not for a few months yet, that gives you plenty of time if you’re moving to London this summer to settle into your London apartment rental and step out into Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park. No, they won’t be setting up the Dumbo ride next to the Round Pond, but this is still pretty cool—following in the wake of one tremendous royal event in London (that would be the Royal Wedding, if you couldn’t guess. Derr…) is another:

On October 2nd, Rapunzel will be inducted as the 10th Disney Princess at Kensington Palace!!!

Living In London – So Now You Are Here…

If you are moving to for work, there is a good chance that your new employers will have found you some rented accommodation to stay in while you find yourself a apartment. If not you will have to find a rental as soon as you have arrived, so you don’t end up paying for a lengthy stay in a hotel. One of the best things you can do before you leave is to contact a rental agent or relocation agent who works specifically with people moving to . They can organize a range of properties for you to look at as soon as you have arrived. They will also be able to handle the details of renting in which can be daunting for a foreigner.

Living In London – Taking A Break

The public holidays in London England are quite generous and you will find that you have some great long weekends where you can take of and explore the city or ever further afield. Living in London will be one of the most exciting times of your life. You’ll get the chance to experience this cosmopolitan city and immerse yourself in British culture and the way of life. When you have settled into your new job and your new London rental then you might want to take some time off to explore the city and your new home.