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Living in London: Hyde Park Has So Much to Offer

As expensive as living in London can be, particularly for the Americans moving to London who seek popular expat areas to live like South Kensington we’ve been highlighting as of late, there are great things to do free while living in London. Hyde Park is just one of the many of Her’ Majesty’s Parks that offers everything you could want in a park that spans 350+ acres. Right in the heart of the city there is food and recreation of all types at the park.

Living in London: The French Influence in South Kensington

We’ve had a nice peek around in the popular area that Americans moving to London seem to gravitate to, South Kensington, so it’s my duty to share with you a gem of a place I found for when you’re in the area. There is some French influence with the French school and consulate there in the area. You will find a couple bistros and bookstores that are French there as well. But the best place with a French Chef who also does sushi and Japanese cooking like a native is L’Etranger.

Living in London: South Kensington and The Wedge Card for Discounts Locally

The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea are combined as they are close in proximity. For all the Americans moving to London, as this is a highly settled area for Expatriates from America, you will want to become acquainted with the area. Finding ways to stay living in London while taking advantage of discounts is important in keeping down expense. London relocation agents will tell you, rents in South Kensington tend to be on the high side as it’s such a desirable area. Saving where you can on everyday items and local shops is a good bet while living in London.

Americans Moving to London Find Thier London Apartment in South Kensington Area

Americans Moving to London Find Thier London Apartment in South Kensington Area
Brompton Road, Outside the Tube Station – Americans Moving to London Find Thier London Apartment in South Kensington Area

Many Americans moving to London will arrive to work with their London relocation services agent to find that they gravitate toward the familiar, while still wanting to take in all that is new to them while living in London. London relocation agents end up showing Americans many London apartments in the “Royal borough of Kensington and Chelsea”. Perhaps their enchanted when they go down to the Victoria and Albert Museum and Thurloe Square area, or the lovely garden squares when exiting the tube station. Whatever the appeal is in particular it’s hard not to find something that will appeal to you in South Kensington. Certainly equally as affluent are the neighboring areas, Chelsea is a large draw for Americans moving to London. Knightsbridge and Kensington proper are all extremely nice areas to settle in while living in London too.