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Relocating to London UK – What's on in London this Month

If you’ve been planning an international relocation to London for 2011, can you believe it’s September already??!! Me neither. Well, if you’ve indeed already made the London move by this summer, then all hassle of finding and settling into a London apartment is hopefully behind you now (well, not at all a “hassle” if you wisely used London Relocation’s services and were hand-held through every step by one of our relocation agents). In that event, here are some goings-on around the city of London this fine month that you can finally step out and enjoy!

Relocation UK – Friday Follow

If you’re a regular twitter user you’ll have heard about the #FridayFollow. We’ve decided to round up the best of what is happening in London each weekend.

Your relocation to London is not just about the physical details of moving to London. You’ll have so much to do once you arrive in London that it is important that you take some time off over the weekends to start exploring the city.

London Proms