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Living In London – Make Like A Tourist!

You’re in a unique position; living in London. You get the chance to spend time visiting some of the world’s most famous tourist attractions and at the end of the day you get to go back to your cozy London apartment and know that you can do it all again tomorrow without having to catch a plane home again.

Living In London – Hotels and Fine Dining

Now that you are living in London you’re living in a city that is home to some of the world’s top hotels. By this time you’ll already be settled into your new London apartment, but the concept of dining out at a hotel is still one that is treasured in London and indeed across Europe. Many of the celeb chefs have establishments at the prestigious hotels in London and the dining experience is not for hotel guests alone. Even if you’re not looking for a ‘blow-the-budget’ kind of meal, you can find smaller hotels with interesting and quirky dining experiences.

Dining out while you are living in London is a total immersion experience. It is as much about the ambience and the décor as the food, and while the British can be harsh critics, they do love to try new restaurants and find the latest trendy spots. There are some traditional restaurants that are part of the history of London and are still considered a treat of no small proportions.

Living in London – ‘High Tea’

If you are settling in after your move to London, you might find some of your new friends and acquaintances talking about having ‘tea’, and while the English do have a reputation for being a nation of tea drinkers, it might be worthwhile learning about the distinction between tea, high tea and dinner or supper. Many people in London still refer to their evening meal as ‘tea’ although there is no tea served! Having tea is a meal that is served in the early evening when people get home from work. It is early than most people eat their dinner, but it is a casual meal, usually served at the kitchen table so that children can be included in the meal. Served at around 5 pm, it is a small snack if you going out later in the evening for a meal, or it can even be a full meal.