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Relocation UK – Holiday Calendar Countdown

Are you wondering what you’re going to do come Halloween after your relocation to London? While traditionally not celebrated to the extent that it is in other parts of the world, there are still Halloween celebrations and parties to be found in the city. It’s trick or treating’ that is not a tradition. Americans moving to London who are missing out on Halloween and Thanksgiving will have a host of other holidays to celebrate during the next few weeks.

Living In London – Visiting ‘Big Ben’

No. Big Ben is not the person living in the loft above your London flat. It’s a clock, a rather large clock in fact and indeed one of the most iconic attractions in London. You won’t find a postcard of a view in London that does not include a vista of Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament in Westminster. Living in London means you have to experience everything that makes London famous. Black cabs, red double deck buses, Buckingham Palace and Big Ben.