Moving to London: The Leaders

Moving to London is more than moving house—it’s moving into a new culture with its own accumulation of history. I cannot even imagine what history lessons must be like here when I think of the millennia and monarchs to be covered versus the couple...

Charles II

It’s that crazy time again, Weekend Warriors, when we delve into British history as part of your cultural prep for your upcoming international relocation to London. Last week, we introduced King Charles II, whose father Charles I had been kicked to the curb by those seeking commonwealth versus monarchical rule, which had paved the way for Oliver Cromwell to become Lord Protector. Well, now that both Charles I and Oliver are dead, and Oliver’s son Richard has in turn been kicked to the curb to restore the monarchy, it’s the latest episode of “Charles II in Charge.” (Huh, this is the last place I’d ever think I could make a Scott Baio reference…)

Anyway. Last we saw, Charles II’s reign was seein’ some tough times… [ read more]