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Charles II

It’s that crazy time again, Weekend Warriors, when we delve into British history as part of your cultural prep for your upcoming international relocation to London. Last week, we introduced King Charles II, whose father Charles I had been kicked to the curb by those seeking commonwealth versus monarchical rule, which had paved the way for Oliver Cromwell to become Lord Protector. Well, now that both Charles I and Oliver are dead, and Oliver’s son Richard has in turn been kicked to the curb to restore the monarchy, it’s the latest episode of “Charles II in Charge.” (Huh, this is the last place I’d ever think I could make a Scott Baio reference…)

Anyway. Last we saw, Charles II’s reign was seein’ some tough times… [ read more]

King Charles II

Hey there, Weekend Warriors! It’s another Sunday round-up of the monarchs that have shaped London, England’s history, a bit of cultural food-for-thought as you prepare your international relocation to London. Last week, we saw the restoration of the monarchy after two “terms” of Commonwealth rule under Oliver Cromwell and his son Richard Cromwell. Today, we’ll meet King Charles II, who finally assumes his rightful seat on the throne long after his father Charles I had been executed to make way for Commonwealth rule… [read more]

London Leaders – Oliver Cromwell

If you’re moving to London, it’s in the spirit of an international relocation to broaden your historical and cultural knowledge. That’s why we run our weekly Weekend Warrior Sunday series here, so you can already get acquainted with Britain’s past monarchs as you prepare your London move. Last week, we finished reviewing the Commonwealth rule of Oliver Cromwell, England’s Lord Protector in place of the traditional monarchy. Dying of illness, Cromwell named his son Richard Cromwell as his heir.

Relocation to London – If Earl’s Court Builds it, They Will Come

A relocation to London is fraught with endless questions, not least of which is where to live in London! As you talk your London Relocation agent through your London apartment requirements and preferences, he or she will likewise discuss with you the numerous neighborhood options at your disposal. London is a huge city, so there’s truly something here for everyone.

That doesn’t make the task any easier, however; sometimes having too much choice gets overwhelming. What does make it easier is the neighborhood guide London Relocation will be making available on its new website (launching soon!) as well as the expertise of the London Relocation company’s relocation agents. They’ll supplement any and all info offered here on the website and exhaust any remaining questions you may have.

At any rate, while… [read more]