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Relocation to London- Opening a Bank Account​

Before your relocation to London it’s a very good idea to start to talk to your London relocation services company about how to open a bank account prior to your arrival. If you arrive after your relocation UK and try to just walk into a bank and open an account you may be in for a very unhappy experience. The UK banking system requires an awful lot of paperwork, again some of this can be covered with your London relocation agent, obviously the proof of address would be one thing the relocation agent can verify, and proof of ID you’ll have with your passport. Still, even if you haven’t arrived and don’t have a London apartment address, you will want to try and open your account prior to your international relocation. This way you aren’t in dire need of an account and if there are problems you will have time to work them out from home before moving to London.

Living in London: London Literacy

If you’re moving to London and have only recently started following our blog here, it’s been a while since I’ve posted poetry about London—not anything I’ve written myself, of course, but insights into the city of others who have lived or...