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Relocation to London England

When you prepare for relocation to London England with the entire family, there are a number of things to take into account. From setting up a British bank account to finding a school for your child, various things must be planned in advance to prevent relocation delays.

Moving to London – A Day Spent at the Zoo

After moving to London a family often gets antsy looking for things to do and places to explore; when moving during the wintertime the list of possibilities is shortened dramatically. Rather than go stir-crazy inside one’s new flat after moving to London families of all ages and sizes should explore the London zoo. Many families moving to London look forward to exploring the city’s historical and cultural locations but the cold and rain keep them indoors. Cold weather or warm the zoo has plenty to offer all members of a family after the arduous process of moving to London.

Living in London – Art Underground

If you’re moving to London, it may surprise you to find out that the London Underground is not a political movement (thanks to ‘A Fish called Wanda’ for that one). What it is, is a very convenient way of making your way around the city. The London Underground (just call it the Tube or the Underground like everyone else), is the second longest metro system in the world, it has about 402 kilometres of railway track and is used by about 3 million people every day.

Living in London – Summer in the City

Heading straight into June and with the glorious days of July, August and September ahead, we find ourselves with Summer in London upon us. As an American moving to London, you may very well find yourself comfortably sitting with the illusion that London (and England as a whole) is a drab and colorless city, with summers as cold as many cities’ winters. If so, you’re in for quite a surprise once London’s summer swings around.