Relocation UK – Only in London…Would Dead Cats Lead to New Stores

A relocation to London UK will acquaint you with the odder corners of history for sure. This ancient city has hosted a quirky population in its day, and it never ceases to amuse me how these quirks are often responsible for some of its more charming features.

Last week, I started a series on London’s side street surprises; that is, relatively off-the-beaten-path pockets of the city where you can try to dodge the tourists. In my second post on this topic, I’d mentioned the Burlington Arcade just off Regent Street and how its origins were rather bizarre. Well, as promised, here’s a snippet… [read more]

Relocation to London – Side Street Surprises (Part 2)

If you’re relocating to London, you’ll find that it’s a massive city to navigate, and one of the fun challenges of it is trying to acquaint yourself with as many of its dynamic streets as possible. In my previous post, I just started a series on some of the delightful side streets in London not far at all from the more trafficked ones you’re likely to hit first.

As west London is a popular destination for tourists and North American expats in London alike, I’ve started with the London shopping mecca of Oxford and Regent streets. Last time, I mentioned… [read more]

Relocation to London – Side Street Surprises (Part 1)

If you’re moving to London, England or have visited before, you may already be familiar with some of west London’s well-renowned streets: Oxford Street, Regent Street, Bond Street, Knightsbridge, and of course the Piccadilly Circus are all shopping, dining, and entertainment hot-spots for locals and tourists alike. What I’ve come to appreciate since my own international relocation to London, however, is the discovery of side streets just off those major ones. Among locals, they’re perhaps just as popular for night-time outings if not more once the crowded bustle of the main streets gets old. Other side streets, on the other hand, are more surprisingly quiet and residential—you’d never guess that they could exist so close to the action; truly the best of both worlds if you can score a London apartment there! [read more]

Relocation to London – Cars, Cars, Cars

It can be a little confusing to have to adapt to all of the different holidays and events after your relocation to London. If you haven’t quite got the hang of what you’re supposed to be doing on the 5th of November and don’t really feel like making a “Guy” to burn in your garden tonight, there are loads of other exciting events happening in the city this weekend.

Relocation to London – Family Fun

If your international relocation to London includes younger children, you need to start making a list of places that you can take them during the winter. It’s not always possible to get outdoors, especially when it rains for days on end, but London is a city of travellers so it’s superbly geared up to handle even the most hardened of expat children. If you make a list and take advantage of some of the amazing discount offers for pre-booking, you can have an entire winter season of events lined up with just a couple of clicks of your mouse.