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London Tapestry – History and Literature Woven Together

One of the many fun things about moving to London is the delight that comes of seeing the city you live in mentioned in a book. That applies to any city really, but even more so with London given how often it appears in literature. And so, here is another in a series of blogs about books with London as a backdrop (the first was about Neil Gaiman’s fantasy novel, ‘Neverwhere’). With this blog, we’ll take a look at Kim Newman’s horror novel, ‘Anno Dracula’.

Living In London – London Parks – A Royal Garden

If you’re living in London then you’ll want to get out of your new London rental as often as possible, especially as spring puts on her best display for you. London is home to numerous parks and gardens that are open all year round and you need to explore all of the green areas in London. One of the finest parks is Kensington Gardens and is worth really spending some time exploring all that the park has to offer.