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Learning to Use Public Transportation after Moving to London from America

Many people moving to London from America decide to use public transportation instead of either bringing or buying a vehicle. This choice is highly recommended as it is actually quicker and easier to move about the city via the Tube or bus. For longer or more emergent trips a cab can easily be found. While many moving to London from America may be used to public transportation a large chunk of the US hardly relies on it at all. For them, a breakdown of London’s transportation system is described below.

Relocation to London – Is a Car Really Necessary?

Most Americans moving to London own or lease a car back here in the states. There are very few cities that have public transportation adequate enough to allow their residents to get where they need to go without a car. London is different. London has one of the world’s best public transportation systems and is proud of that accomplishment. Not only is a car unnecessary for those living and working in the city, having a car can be very expensive between all the fees and parking charges.