Relocation to London UK – London’s Favorite Old Haunts (Part 3)

A relocation to London can be a frightening prospect when the unknown and unseen challenges of moving overseas are an ongoing presence weighing on your mind and heart. Hey, I understand—just like all the London Relocation agents, I’ve been there and done that. My relocation to London from the US was fraught with heartache over what I was leaving behind and sheer fear of what would lie ahead; for as much as you can anticipate in advance, there’s always something lurking in the shadows waiting to leap out at you or prey on your mind in the night as you try to sleep. I’ve lived to tell my horror story and love living in London as a result, but it’s a fact that having a relocation company with the heart and soul of our London Relocation agents on your side is an invaluable resource for exposing any monsters hiding under the bed (i.e., shady landlords, lettings agents, or lease terms) and warding off evil through the goodness of expat empathy and genuine compassion.

The stress of relocating to London shall pass into the annals of your own personal history, but the intrigues of London’s past forever lives on in its present. Even London’s pubs have interesting histories, and as I’ve been describing the last couple days, they bear the emotional baggage of some long-term “tenants” of their own…

Relocation to London UK – London's Favorite Old Haunts (Part 1)

If you’re making an international relocation to London, part of the urban landscape and national culture are the quaint and historic pubs scattered all over the city. Unlike a lot of typical bars in the States, the British pub is not a place where you have to feel sleezy popping in during the afternoon or even imbibe. These classic and picturesque public houses are typically characterized by dark wooden furnishings and trim, floral wallpaper, and overflowing flowerboxes ornamenting their exteriors. They make for an insanely cozy place to warm up and cheer up on a dreary grey day and offer comfort food, tea, coffee, soda, and, of course, ales, wine, spirits, and…well…and spirits. And I’m not talkin’ liquor this time.

It’s October, ladies and gentlemen, so what kind of American expat Halloween enthusiast would I be not to hijack this blog for a few days to share with you some of London’s most haunted pubs?! These will be a fine way to treat (maybe even trick) yourself before Halloween if you’ll have already made the relocation to London by then, but rest assured, these locales maintain their paranormal activity all the year round for your enjoyment. So let’s get our ghost on, starting with…

Living In London – Pubs

If you are living in London then you have to have a ‘local’; it’s what the locals call their neighborhood bar. Think ‘Cheers’ without Ted Danson, and you’ll have a pretty good idea of the pull of the local pub. Everyone has a favourite pub or club (if they’re part of the trendy set in London) and they frequent them on a regular, if not daily basis. As soon as you are settled into your London home, you’ll need to get out and experience the pub culture that England is famous for. Ask around at work and go out as much as possible until you find one that suits you. You’ll have a great time meeting people and drinking some of the beers and ales that make the pub such a great place to be.