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New Year’s Resolution #6 – Enjoy British Football

Many Americans moving to London are big football fans. One of the hardest things to give up for many Americans after leaving the States is the Superbowl. Those moving to London should not cry for their beloved sport back home but rather adopt England’s sport of choice – football (soccer to all us Yanks). Like American football is in many cities in the US, football in London is a religion. It would be in any American moving to London’s best interest to learn enough about the sport to at least enjoy a game in a pub.

Living in London – The Offside Rules!

If you’re moving to London or already living in London, one of the things you’ve probably heard of is England’s obsession with football (soccer as it’s known in the States). Just like in the US where you’ve got fans who are more than a little bit devoted to their NFL teams, hockey teams or basketball teams, here you’ve got County Cricket, Rugby and Football. Cricket and Rugby will be covered in later blogs for your edification, but for this one, we’ll be covering football (or as it’s known here, ‘footie’). Soccer has become pretty popular in America of late, so it’s safe to say that most people are already aware of what is one of the most popular sports on the planet, if not the most popular hands down.

Living in London – Picking Your Football Team

One of the most exciting aspects of living in London is the atmosphere that rolls around at the beginning of another season of the English Football Premier League. With the start of the new season around the corner in August, if you haven’t chosen a team yet, then you’d better do so soon or you’ll miss out on the fun. The Premier League can be very entertaining if watched without any personal interest. But if you’re supporting a team, casual entertainment turns into you watching your team and hanging on the edge of your seat, cheering when they score and screaming at them when they’re on the wrong side of the score line. Basically, it becomes absolutely thrilling.

Living in London – You’re English now!

There are so many English traditions that are worth experiencing when you’re moving to London. From quaint affectations and mannerisms, to a completely different way of eating; delving into English traditions is going to be one of the more fun aspects of settling into your new London rental and life in London.

Living In London – Sorts of Sports 1

Living in London means that you will have the opportunity to attend some of the greatest sporting events in the world that are held at some of the most famous sporting venues. Moving to London can be a sports lover’s dream and you will have the chance to learn about different sports as well as indulge in a bit of history and tradition while you are at it. Just in case you think all of these articles are written by chicks (well they might be indeed) who have poor understanding and less interest in sports, be aware that many women in London have a keen interest in sports and are avid sports fans.