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London Leaders – Oliver Cromwell

If you’re moving to London, it’s in the spirit of an international relocation to broaden your historical and cultural knowledge. That’s why we run our weekly Weekend Warrior Sunday series here, so you can already get acquainted with Britain’s past monarchs as you prepare your London move. Last week, we finished reviewing the Commonwealth rule of Oliver Cromwell, England’s Lord Protector in place of the traditional monarchy. Dying of illness, Cromwell named his son Richard Cromwell as his heir.

Oliver Cromwell: London Leaders

We’re back with another installment of our Weekend Warrior Sunday series in case you’re making an international relocation to London and as interested in learning its past as you are finding that ideal London apartment. Last weekend, we learned how Oliver Cromwell came to help overthrow the monarchy and himself become not King but Lord Protector over the land.

In the time leading to when Cromwell adopts this title in 1657, he has made certain strides. He has put an end to… [read more]

London Leaders – Oliver Cromwell

If you think planning an international relocation to London is tumultuous, so is London’s history. Last weekend, our Weekend Warrior Sunday series bid adieu to King Charles I as Oliver Cromwell and his New Model Army crush the monarchy.

With Charles I duly executed, Cromwell tries to gain conservative support by squashing radical rebellion… [read more]