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Relocation UK: Notting Hill Festival 2011

Each year Europe’s biggest street fair takes place right on the west side of London in the streets of Notting Hill. With Caribbean flair and thousands of elaborate costumes, the streets of Notting Hill come alive. The festival that runs August 28th and 29th is the biggest street fair in England. With many vendors (hundreds literally) selling tropical and ethnic flair food, parades, and up to 40,000 volunteers the Notting Hill Festival of 2011 will be going strong this year.

Living In London – London In-Depth By Area – West London

If you’re moving to London you’ll want to get a good idea of what is available in the different areas of this massive city. Your choice of London rental will be determined by how far you need to commute to get to work every day, if you have kids and of course, how much you are willing to pay.