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Living In London – Which Side Are You On?

With 118 postcodes or neighborhood’s to explore, you’ll never run out of things to do. The biggest question facing you when you are moving to London however is going to be which one of those postcodes are you going to live in. When you’re choosing your rental, your first decision is going to be whether you’re ‘North’ or ‘South’.

Living In London – London Neighborhoods – North London

If you’re moving to London and don’t want to be right in the city, then some of the suburbs on the edge of London offer great prices on London apartments for rent and a more small town feel; again you will find here many Canadians and numerous Americans moving to London in this area.

Living In London – London Neighborhoods – North London

We’re up to north again and this area is the choice of many Americans moving to London. North London is a massive area with dozens of postcodes and suburbs. Mostly residential, many people who work in the city have chosen to live in North London for schools, amenities and the feeling of being slightly out of the city, even if you’re right in the thick of things.

Living In London – London In-Depth By Area – North London Part III

If you’re moving here, one of the first things you’ll realize about the city is that your entire life will be governed for the most part by which area you live in. You’ll need to establish what you needs are before you begin living in London to give you a good idea of...