London Neighborhoods – Hampstead Perfect for Family Daytrip

Getting to know all the unique London neighborhoods is a challenge worthy of accepting after an international relocation places a family in London. While many London neighborhoods may not be a great place to call home due to prices or impracticality visiting them on Saturday afternoons is always an option. Of all the London neighborhoods in and around the central part of the city Hampstead is one of the best for families wanting to escape a cold, gray, London winter afternoon.

Living In London – London Neighborhoods – North London

We’re up to north again and this area is the choice of many Americans moving to London. North London is a massive area with dozens of postcodes and suburbs. Mostly residential, many people who work in the city have chosen to live in North London for schools, amenities and the feeling of being slightly out of the city, even if you’re right in the thick of things.

Living in London – Historical Gem

Unlike London’s museums, sights tend to be expensive. There is no reason to spend £30 on tourist trips to the Tower of London, St. Paul’s Cathedral, and the London Eye,

Art Imitating Life May Aid Your London Relocation

Knock-knock. Who’s there? Orange. Orange who? Orange you glad I’m not going to write about UK taxes this week? (Whoa boy…UK taxation might be preferable to resurrecting hideous knock-knock jokes from childhood, huh…) Sorry about that.  My brain is trying to get out of weekend-mode and not having a little difficulty doing so…not that telling […]