How to Not Make the Mistakes I Did Relocating – PART TWO

Now that my last post probably sapped the spirit out of your relocation to London, here I come back with more. But never fear. As I said last time, it isn’t to put fear in you but awareness. I speak a lot from personal experience but not only mine, and if there’s anything my expat […]

How to Not Make the Mistakes I Did Relocating – PART ONE

Well, if you’re reading this blog, you’re at least one step ahead of where I was when it came to researching (more like notresearching) a relocation to London. Enmeshing your mind in too much of the nitty-gritty might feel like you’re depleting the move of all its romance, right? It’s an adventure to move abroad, […]

5 Essential Tips For Moving Into Your New Apartment

The best way to minimize stress in any situation is expecting as much of the unexpected as you can—and that certainly applies to finding and settling into London apartments. Some issues are universal, others are particular to where an international relocation takes you. So here are a few top tips on what to expect when […]

Learn the Lingo for Your UK Relocation – PART TWO

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend and is ready to get back to work studying British English for your UK relocation. Today, we continue with our BBC list of “Britishisms” that Americans have already picked up without even crossing the pond, so you can imagine it’s only a matter of time these and many […]