Types of UK Schools for Your Relocation to London (Part 2)

Hey there, Weekend Warriors – how is everything coming along with your upcoming relocation to London UK? Last week I left you hanging (it was a fingernail-biter, I know…) with the different types of state schools in the UK. Not everyone moving to London with a family sends their kids to an American school or […]

Living in London – A Visitor’s Guide to the City

As a London relocation company, we assist our clients with international relocation logistics like setting up a UK bank account, neighborhood orientations, and even school searches. We also like to think our relocation serviceĀ  includes advising you on all the fun things to do and see here, which is why we touch on that frequently […]

Types of UK Schools In London (Part 1)

Welcome back, Weekend Warriors – hope plans for that international relocation to London are going just swell. As I continue with tips for preparing for a London relocation, I thought I’d round out the topic I covered most of this week – UK schooling if you’re moving to London with kids or perhaps moving here […]

Moving to London with Children – Help Them Adjust Faster

I’ve written before how families relocating to London, UK can help prepare their children for the move – see my previous “Weekend Warrior Saturday: What You Can do Today to Prep for Your London Move” (posted 8 January 2011). That particular post related a lot to how you can help them adjust to the idea […]