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Relocation to London – Pack Light and Travel Smart

Part of the process of moving to London will be packing and storage before leaving one’s home in the States. Packing for an international relocation is a lot more complicated than a local move. Families need to be fairly organized to make sure that when they’re unpacking in their new London rental they’re able to settle in as fast as possible.

Living in London – The Big Move or The Big Easy?

Moving to London can be, as with moving to any new city, a daunting task. There’s the excitement that comes with moving to somewhere new, looking ahead to meeting new people, broadening the ol’ horizons. But then there’s also the worry of finding a suitable place to stay, the worry that you’ll struggle to adapt to your new home, having to figure things out so that you can do something as basic as go to the shops to get milk and sugar once you have moved into your new London apartment.

Living In London – London Here I Come! Three Months To Go

If you’re moving to London for a few years, don’t fool yourself into thinking you can just pack up and go. Planning your move to London is very important if you’re going to settle in quickly and enjoy the fact that you’re now living in one of the most fascinating and fabulous cities in the world. The biggest aspect of moving to London is paperwork. Getting it sorted before you arrive will make the entire process of moving to London much easier.