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Making Sense of a Tube Map of London Neighborhoods

Shortly after confirming an international relocation families often buy a map of London neighborhoods to help prepare for the upcoming move. While that can never hurt it is best to truly understand what the map says and how to use it best once the plane lands and a family is left to fend for themselves in a new country. One of the most useful maps a family can get is a Tube map of London neighborhoods.

How to Use a Map of London Neighborhoods Effectively

Once an American family has made the decision to move to England many grab the nearest map of London neighborhoods to decide on where they should live. While a map of London neighborhoods does come in very handy in finding the right place to live it should not be the only determining factor in a home decision. A map of London neighborhoods should be used to determine distances between Tube stations, work and home and schools – not to pick a home or neighborhood.

The Importance of Looking Beyond a London Neighborhoods Map

Many Americans upon hearing the news of an upcoming international relocation to London immediately begin searching for a London neighborhoods map. While there is nothing wrong with such a map those moving to one of the world’s largest cities need much more information than an ordinary map can give them. On top of a London neighborhoods map expats unfamiliar with the city streets of London need personal advice, information relevant to one’s circumstance on each borough and a walking tour.