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Relocation UK – Get in the Holiday Spirit with Boutique de Noel

If you’ve just made your relocation to London, ’tis the season to start shopping and giving! Junior League of London is hosting its annual Boutique de Noel fundraiser this week on the evening 9 November and all-day 10 November. Over 125 vendors will be there selling products ranging from women’s and men’s clothing, home decor, art and photographs, handbags and jewellery to children’s clothing and toys, bath and body goods, doggie gifts, fashions and beds, cashmere and tweed products, and food and drink.

Their invite follows below: [read more]

Relocation UK – Shopping in London

A relocation to London is more than just moving from Point A to Point B and having new experiences. It’s also accomplishing the same everyday stuff you’ve always done and will still need to do. Ask any expat: figuring out where to buy what is tough. Luckily, London Relocation knows the best places to shop and can advise on what’s available in the area of your new London apartment.

Living In London – Top Shop Spots

Living in London means that you’re living in one of the world capitals for shopping, fashion and fine items. London has some fairly unique shopping areas, but if you’re an American moving to London you may be slightly put off by the fact that there are not many super-malls here, something other American expats living in London have already become accustomed to. Shopping areas are along the high street and spread out across the city. Each neighborhood will have its own streets that contain all of the shops you need, but if you’re new to London and want to explore some of the famous areas then you’ll have to head into central London and splash some cash around.