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Relocation to London – What Happens After You Move In?

You’ve been smart and hired London relocation agents to handle your international relocation to London. You are now clutching the keys to your new London home in your hands and you’re ready to move in. While it would be nice to just move in and start exploring London, there are a number of important things that you have to do before you can say that you have completed your relocation to London.

Relocation to London – Getting A Work Permit

Relocation to London is a fabulous adventure if you have a great job lined up, all your paperwork is handled by your employers and you’ve found a perfect apartment through your London relocation services company. It’s a dream come true, you’re living and working in one of the most exciting cities in the world and you’re all set to have a great time and your international relocation. For an accompanying spouse? Not so much…

Relocation to London – Transport News In London

Transport will be one of the items at the very top of your budget when you have settled in after your relocation to London. Just last week the mayor of London, Boris Johnson announced the increase of fares on buses and tubes for 2012.

The Oyster fares are set to increase between 10 and 30p per journey. Travelcard users will have to pay 8% more for travel in and around London. Travel and transport costs are high in London already, but commuters are not left with much choice but to pay-up.

When you are moving to London, you will hear comment and opinion from both sides. The public transport system must be maintained and in places upgraded and for the most part Londoners are completely reliant on public transport to get around. It’s a frequently debated topic and transport in general is a huge factor when planning your relocation to London.

Relocation to London’s South Kensington Borough: Corporate Relocation

As a London relocation services company we see a lot of people who are beginning a relocation to London due to a job in London. High paid professionals make up a lot of the South Kensington area residences and it’s where many Americans moving to London choose to live. Even though they are living in London it’s nice to have familiar people and be in an area that is populated by other people familiar with your culture and less reserved in nature. Americans are certainly more outwardly gregarious in gestures and speech patterns than those of a London lineage. The English are just more reserved than most Americans, so being located in one area does have this cultural slant that is just more welcoming.