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Living In London – Moving Your Family Across The Pond

Moving to London with your family can be one of the most enriching times that you will share. It is always great for children to get a different perspective on life in other countries. As soon as you are settled into your new London rental they can be enrolled in a local school. Education in England and London in particular is of a high standard and they will benefit by being enrolled in a local school. School entry is determined by where you live in London, so be careful about choosing your suburb if you have school age children.

Relocation to London: Preparing Your Children for Relocation to London- Part 4

In part four of our series on your relocation to London with your pre-teens and teenagers we look at the importance of ongoing support once they are living in London. It’s important that you do as much as possible with your children once you get there. While you have all the responsibility that comes with a relocation to London, getting settled in and will have many things to take care of, it’s important that you rely on the London relocation agents to help assist you with as much as possible. After you get into your London apartment or London flat, and register with a local physician and get them into school, it’s important that your kids don’t experience too much down time. Remember they are used to having their own social lives which will be absent once you start living in London, at least in the beginning.

Relocation to London: What Should I NOT Bring From My Country?

So in keeping with the new series of what you should bring when you are ready for your relocation to London, I thought it might be just as helpful to know what you should NOT bring with you if you are an American moving to London. Namely and this is a big one for a lot of people; all your furnishings. Now very much unlike what it is here in London, Brits don’t have the attachment to their beds that say American’s do. You won’t be finding any large four poster canopy beds taking up all the room in your London apartment. And recall that in London most apartments don’t have closets, so there will be a wardrobe to contend for square footage in your London flat bedroom, that is at least one wardrobe. But there will be something else to compete for floor space, a commode. You’re thinking “what??? A Commode in the bedroom??” While we here are thinking, “yeah and?”. That’s because a “commode” here in England is commonly known in America as a “dresser”. We’ll have to add that to one of Colleen’s lists 🙂

Relocation UK: Preparing Your Teens for Moving to London Part 2

We spoke in the first post in this series about relocation to London and moving your family, how an international relocation is gargantuan on kids in their pre-teen and teenage years. This being that teens and pre-teens are really now measuring themselves as well as their self-esteem based upon their social status with friends and peers. When this age is trying so hard to find themselves and their place in their worlds, both their social worlds and who they are, to have to tell them you are moving to London and that they have to start over in a new world is shocking and can be very overwhelming for them.