Relocation to London – Accommodating for Your Accommodation (Part 3)

Welcome back if you’re planning an international relocation to the UK and wondering where to stay before you officially move into your London apartment rental. In my previous two posts on the topic, I’ve been discussing how before you can actually live in London in a fixed location, you need to spend some time here while you look for said property. In Part 2 of this series, I listed off some value London hotels to consider if you only need a few days of temporary accommodation (which the London Relocation agency makes absolutely possible given their one-day guaranteed flat-finding service!)

You might, however, be considering a longer stay here… [read more]

Relocation to London – Accommodating for Your Accommodation (Part 2)

Hope your weekend has been fun but also productive as you plan your relocation to London. As I mentioned in my previous post on finding London accommodation for before you actually move into your new London apartment, a lot comes down to timing your trip over to find London apartments to rent and long you can afford to stay in temporary housing.

Well, obviously the next important consideration is where to stay, and while it’s essentially impossible to provide you an exhaustive list of all the London hotels available to you in this huge city, I thought I could at least give you a list of some good values… [read more]