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Moving to London – Teapots and Tall Ships, Nappies and Naan

What could I possibly be talking about in that title, and what on earth could it have to do with a relocation to London? Well, live in London long enough and the friends you make here will start having babies. And while many expats tend to settle in west and north London, familiarity with the city may open their minds to moving eastward where you get more bang for your buck. So then, to finally tie all this together, my Saturday afternoon and evening were spent enjoying some delights of east London.

Living In London – “East Enders”

When you’re an American moving to London, you’ll want to know as much as possible about the different areas of London and while not many expats venture beyond the borders of the tourist hotspots and North or West London, it is very worth your while to explore all that London has to offer. The East End of London has traditionally been considered one of the poorest and dilapidated areas in London, but urban renewal and massive money into the area has meant that the demographics of the area have changed.