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Relocation to London – Side Street Surprises (Part 3)

An international relocation to London is going to acquaint with new literal and figurative avenues—there are new life paths to consider professionally and personally, but also, quite simply, a labyrinth of streets to navigate! Getting to know different London neighborhoods as your London Relocation agent guides you from one London apartment rental to the next is a stellar way to start getting acquainted; the cumulative expertise at the London Relocation agency will exhaust the options for you. But after cutting to the chase of finding a London flat to rent, the time will come to step outside of it wander around—and, from my personal experience, I find the best way to learn the streets is to get yourself properly lost! 😉 [read more]

Living In London – Three Reasons Why You’ll Love Living In London

Just in case you’re still deciding whether or not to move to London. I thought I’d give you five excellent reasons why London is one of the best places in the world to live. Moving to London will be one of the biggest adventures that you may ever have and whether you stay six months or six years you’re going to love it!

Living In London – Choosing A London Apartment

When you have found out that you are going to be moving to London, your first thought is going to be where to stay. If you have never lived in a foreign city then this can be a challenging time. If you are moving for work, then your employer may have organized you a temporary rental for a few months and given you a relocation budget to get you started. You need to start looking for a flat or apartment as soon as you arrive and one of the best ways of doing this is to consult with a relocation service that handles the whole process.

Living In London – You’ve Got A Car, Now Where Do You Park It?

Living in London is a fascinating, exhilarating and often frustrating experience if you are a newcomer. London is a busy cosmopolitan city and you’ll love living here once you’ve adjusted to the pace and dynamic. If you’re moving to London then you’ll have heard all about how impossible it is to drive a car in the city. Not only does rush hour seem to last all day, the government charges you fees to drive. While the public transport system in London is efficient as well as good value for money, if you absolutely insist on having a car, there’s a couple things you’re going to need to know.