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Relocation UK – Shopping in London

A relocation to London is more than just moving from Point A to Point B and having new experiences. It’s also accomplishing the same everyday stuff you’ve always done and will still need to do. Ask any expat: figuring out where to buy what is tough. Luckily, London Relocation knows the best places to shop and can advise on what’s available in the area of your new London apartment.

Living in London: South Kensington and The Wedge Card for Discounts Locally

The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea are combined as they are close in proximity. For all the Americans moving to London, as this is a highly settled area for Expatriates from America, you will want to become acquainted with the area. Finding ways to stay living in London while taking advantage of discounts is important in keeping down expense. London relocation agents will tell you, rents in South Kensington tend to be on the high side as it’s such a desirable area. Saving where you can on everyday items and local shops is a good bet while living in London.