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Relocation to London’s South Kensington Borough: Corporate Relocation

As a London relocation services company we see a lot of people who are beginning a relocation to London due to a job in London. High paid professionals make up a lot of the South Kensington area residences and it’s where many Americans moving to London choose to live. Even though they are living in London it’s nice to have familiar people and be in an area that is populated by other people familiar with your culture and less reserved in nature. Americans are certainly more outwardly gregarious in gestures and speech patterns than those of a London lineage. The English are just more reserved than most Americans, so being located in one area does have this cultural slant that is just more welcoming.

Relocation to London- Opening a Bank Account​

Before your relocation to London it’s a very good idea to start to talk to your London relocation services company about how to open a bank account prior to your arrival. If you arrive after your relocation UK and try to just walk into a bank and open an account you may be in for a very unhappy experience. The UK banking system requires an awful lot of paperwork, again some of this can be covered with your London relocation agent, obviously the proof of address would be one thing the relocation agent can verify, and proof of ID you’ll have with your passport. Still, even if you haven’t arrived and don’t have a London apartment address, you will want to try and open your account prior to your international relocation. This way you aren’t in dire need of an account and if there are problems you will have time to work them out from home before moving to London.

Relocation to London: What You Must Do for Yourself When You Arrive

Sure gearing up for your international relocation telling everyone you know and meet that your moving to London is an absolute thrill. (Partially because they aren’t aware of the stress that can be involved moving across the globe.) But yes, it is a chance to take a bow, even if you are not the one with the new job in London, or the one going to school here, you are “living the dream”. Nothing is quite as romantic and picking up with your significant other, leaving all you know behind and diving into the absolutely exciting “unknown”. Sounds romantic no? Well it is in a sense, but that doesn’t mean that there will never be a time when you are blue for the Red White and Blue, or the Maple Leaf of home. Every rainbow needs it to rain first, no pun to today’s earlier post intended.

Relocation to London- Seeing About London Apartment Rentals

One’s relocation to London is not fully complete until they have found the London flat, or London apartment that they are looking for and have signed a lease. If you are signing a lease for a few years dependent upon your new job in London, than you will want the help of the professional London relocation services company. It really is your best bet for the most efficient, expedient and hassle free move.