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London Neighborhoods – Hampstead Perfect for Family Daytrip

Getting to know all the unique London neighborhoods is a challenge worthy of accepting after an international relocation places a family in London. While many London neighborhoods may not be a great place to call home due to prices or impracticality visiting them on Saturday afternoons is always an option. Of all the London neighborhoods in and around the central part of the city Hampstead is one of the best for families wanting to escape a cold, gray, London winter afternoon.

A Night at the Theatre after Moving to London

This Valentine’s Day couples should take advantage of all their new city has to offer after moving to London. One of the most popular date activities for Londoners and tourists alike is a night at the theatre. With a theatre district comparable to New York City’s any couple will be delighted and impressed with the offerings. London’s theatre history dates back five hundred years and many of the physical buildings housing long-running London plays are architectural marvels in and of themselves and a real treat for couples after moving to London.

Making Sense of a Tube Map of London Neighborhoods

Shortly after confirming an international relocation families often buy a map of London neighborhoods to help prepare for the upcoming move. While that can never hurt it is best to truly understand what the map says and how to use it best once the plane lands and a family is left to fend for themselves in a new country. One of the most useful maps a family can get is a Tube map of London neighborhoods.