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Where to Stay when Searching London Flats

When searching London flats for the perfect place to call home after an international relocation families often find themselves spending lots more money than necessary on a hotel room during the interim. Instead of behaving like a tourist while finalizing the details of the move families moving to London from America should begin embracing the city life and acting as a Londoner. One such way to do that is to take advantage of local inns and bed and breakfasts as a way to explore London neighborhoods and save money. Below is a list of great family-friendly small inns to consider when making travel plans.

Consider Hyde Park after Moving to London from New York

When moving to London from New York looking for a good quality park is something at the top of the priority list. That is doubly important if children are coming along to London. Luckily for American expats London in one of the greenest cities in the world with lots of sprawling parks and woods tucked away throughout the greater London area. Those moving to London from New York are no strangers to parks and can appreciate all that London’s green spaces have to offer.

Living In London – Have Kids, Will Travel

Moving to London with children? Will they be able to make it in the big city? That could be the first question that crosses the minds of concerned parents when they know that they are going to be living in London with a young family. Yes. London is a busy cosmopolitan city, but somehow, in a way that is uniquely English, London also has a distinctly suburban and village feel at times. A lot of that has to do with the way that London has been divided into suburbs and boroughs. There are areas in the middle of London where you can be forgiven for thinking you are living in a small village in the heart of the English countryside.

Living In London – Day Tripper

One of the best ways of exploring London is to book the family on one of the day tours that operate in London. Moving to London will mean that you are busy organising a myriad of details, and what you need to do is make time to really get out and explore the city that is now your home. Just as soon as you are settled into your London rental home, you need to spend a few days acting like a tourist and seeing a bit of the fascinating city of London. Day tours give you an overview of the city while giving you the opportunity to see some of the most famous tourist attractions.