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The Benefits of a Pre-Move Visit when Moving to London from America

It may be tempting for those moving to London from America to try and cram everything humanly possible into a pre-move trip to the city but we recommend to focus on the most important issues and then try and enjoy the mini-vacation. There will be plenty of time for crazed running around after moving to London from America. The pre-move trip should be reserved for finding a home and getting acquainted with the town. One should consider it like a first date of sorts.

Relocation to London – Cars, Cars, Cars

It can be a little confusing to have to adapt to all of the different holidays and events after your relocation to London. If you haven’t quite got the hang of what you’re supposed to be doing on the 5th of November and don’t really feel like making a “Guy” to burn in your garden tonight, there are loads of other exciting events happening in the city this weekend.

Living In London – Have Kids, Will Travel

Moving to London with children? Will they be able to make it in the big city? That could be the first question that crosses the minds of concerned parents when they know that they are going to be living in London with a young family. Yes. London is a busy cosmopolitan city, but somehow, in a way that is uniquely English, London also has a distinctly suburban and village feel at times. A lot of that has to do with the way that London has been divided into suburbs and boroughs. There are areas in the middle of London where you can be forgiven for thinking you are living in a small village in the heart of the English countryside.