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Relocation to London – Go on a Pub Crawl

That is precisely why I recommend participating in a pub crawl settling after a corporate relocation. Not only is a pub crawl a great way to meet other young professionals, it’s also a good way to learn one’s way around the city. With pub crawls ranging from guided to self-guided and covering a variety of topics and themes there is bound to be something for everyone.

Relocation to London – Childcare Options

After moving to London many families wonder what they will do with their children. If the kids are school age things are pretty easy, but for those families with children under school age it gets a bit hairy. Much like in the States those new to London due to international relocation have several options when looking for childcare during the day.

Considering Moving To South London?

The first decision to make for those moving to London will be where to find the perfect London rental. Choosing whether one will become a Northerner or from Sarf London is the first step. There are many factors to consider when making the decision on which neighborhood to move to and while London relocation agents can provide useful insight, the choice will ultimately be based upon families’ preferences.

Relocation to London – The Christmas Pudding

Many Americans moving to London carefully avoid and traditional British dish with ‘pudding’ in the title. While many of the puddings consumed by the British are very different from American cuisine, there are a few that are delightful regardless of one’s familiarity with puddings or lack thereof. No British Christmas dinner is complete without the Christmas Pudding and those Americans spending their first Christmas in London because of international relocation should consider trying their hand at their own Christmas pudding.

Relocation to London – Finding a General Practitioner

There are several details of relocation to London that one will only be able complete once the plane has landed and they are on the ground. London relocation agents will be able to sort out quite a few of the details like opening a bank account and finding families the perfect flat. Not all things can be done by London relocation services; getting healthcare is something one has to do in person.