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Relocation to London – Medical Matters

Part of choosing your new London apartment will be the proximity to various amenities. Your London relocation agents will ask you for a detailed list of what you require of your suburb and will help you find an apartment based on your preferences. If you are planning you relocation to London with a family you may want to be close to a local doctor or hospital. Make sure your London relocation services company understands what is important to you and what you need from your neighborhood.

Medical matters are somewhat different in the UK. Many Americans moving to London are skeptical about using the state healthcare facilities based on their experiences back home. The National Health Services in the UK are among the best in the world, but you’ll have to complete some paperwork before you’re entitled to health care.

Any person may make use of the free clinics that are found around the city. They are clean, well serviced, and you’ll only ever have to wait for about half an hour to be seen by a medical professional. If you have a serious injury the all A&E departments will treat you. A& E is the English equivalent of the ER department in American hospitals.

Relocation to London – Register With A GP

There are several details of your relocation to London that you will only be able complete once you’re on the ground. Your London relocation agents will be able to sort out quite a few of the details like opening a bank account and finding you that perfect pad. Yet getting healthcare is something you have to do in person.

The NHS in the UK requires that you register in person at a GP to be eligible for all of the healthcare benefits while you are living in London. Once you have found a GP in your neighborhood, you will have to make an appointment to see the doctor as well as register at the practice.

Living in London – Health Care In the U.K.

When you are​ living in London, you will find some of the best hospitals and health care centres in the world. The National Health Service which provides free, quality medical care, is an excellent public health system. As soon as you have found a new London apartment, you need to register with NHS and locate the local NHS GP in your area by scheduling an appointment.

You will need to have your National Insurance number with you. Some doctors want to know you are registered to work in the country and that you will be there for an extended period of time – something an NI number will prove. Others won’t even care. Better to have it and be safe, than be turned away from the doctors when all you want is some antibiotics.