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Relocation to London – A Private Tour of the World of Harry Potter for Americans Moving to London

The dream of many children moving to London due to corporate relocation is to visit all the iconic sites in the Harry Potter movie series. Now, Americans moving to London can make this dream a reality with a private guided tour of the world of Harry Potter. A chauffeur will take families to all the beloved sites in and around London and Oxford and tell the stories behind the stories. Finally, with the some help from London relocation agents (if needed) parents can give their children the gift of a lifetime.

Relocation to London – A Day Spent with Harry Potter

Americans moving to London often have a hard time getting their children excited about the upcoming international relocation. While there is no guaranteed way to get them on board with the rest of the family there is a wonderful new exhibit coming to London in March of 2012. Warner Brothers, London Studios will be unveiling the much anticipated The Making of Harry Potter tour and exhibit. Open to the public this three hour tour might actually make an international relocation worth it all.

Living In London – Tour London By Taxi

If you just started your grand adventure of living in London then you’ll want to get acquainted with your city as fast as possible. If you’re still a little nervous about venturing out of your apartment and taking the tube to some of the tourist attractions then why not take a black cab tour of the city. London black cabs are an iconic part of this vibrant city and they offer a unique perspective on the city from someone who really knows their way around.

Living in London – Tour Guide to the City

First, get settled into your new London apartment and then get out of it! The best way to experience London and to start exploring your new city is to take part in the many tours that London has to offer tourists. This is a large city and it might be wise to spend some time seeing the city from the different perspectives that tourist tours have to offer. It will give you an overview of life in London, plus you’ll be able to entertain all of your friends and relatives who’ll be coming to visit you once you have relocated to London.