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Relocation to London – Top 10 British Films For This Week's Holidays

If you’re moving to London and following this blog, you might recall that the other week I mentioned compiling a list of recommended Halloween movies set in London or England in general (see “Relocation to London UK – Top 5 Halloween in London Posts”). I myself had almost forgotten! Well, if you’re planning your London move and trying to imagine what life will be like walking its streets, don’t worry, they’re not as horrific as what’s depicted below (not that the London property market isn’t terrifying at times…). This is just for a bit of fun as you prepare to live in the historic and atmospheric UK that lends itself so well as haunting backdrop to all sorts of spooky lore.

Happy Halloween – enjoy!

Relocation to London – Don't Worry About Halloween Just Head to Hoxton.

One of the nicest ways to explore a foreign city and really get to grips with what is happening is different neighbourhoods is to visit the markets that are open nearly every weekend across the city. This weekend sees the re-opening of the Hoxton Street Market, right in the heart of the East End of London.

Relocation UK – Holiday Calendar Countdown

Are you wondering what you’re going to do come Halloween after your relocation to London? While traditionally not celebrated to the extent that it is in other parts of the world, there are still Halloween celebrations and parties to be found in the city. It’s trick or treating’ that is not a tradition. Americans moving to London who are missing out on Halloween and Thanksgiving will have a host of other holidays to celebrate during the next few weeks.