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Living In London – Transport In the City

When you’re moving to London, you’re going to have to find a way of getting around this massive city without spending a fortune or having the frustration and hassle of trying to drive, park and pay for a car. The odds are that once you’re living in London you’ll use more than one form of public transport to get to and from work, school and the shops. Learning the intricacies of the winding city street when you’ve just settled into your rental can take a bit of time and the best thing to do is arm yourself with a London A-Z, which is a comprehensive map book that all Londoners own, and get out and discover your transport options.

Living In London – Tour London By Taxi

If you just started your grand adventure of living in London then you’ll want to get acquainted with your city as fast as possible. If you’re still a little nervous about venturing out of your apartment and taking the tube to some of the tourist attractions then why not take a black cab tour of the city. London black cabs are an iconic part of this vibrant city and they offer a unique perspective on the city from someone who really knows their way around.