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Moving to London from America – A Reader’s Paradise

One of the favorite parts of moving to London from America is the wealth of knowledge stored in some of the world’s most famous bookstores located in the great city of London. Home to an array of astounding bookstores which would amaze any reader London bookstores are reason alone to make the relocation. With so many world famous bookstores in London it’s no surprise that those moving to London from America visit as many of them as possible.

Relocating to London – London Bookworm

If you’re considering relocation to London, then you’re most likely already aware of the fact that you’re moving to one of the cultural capitals of the world. From painting to dance to urban art, relocating to London in a city that has always been a cultural pioneer. This applies to literature as much as it does to anything else (which country do you think William Shakespeare comes from?). As a result, London is a city that offers multitudes of book stores for you to visit and peruse after your international relocation. And not just travel bookstores that don’t stock John Grisham and Winnie the Pooh as with Hugh Grant’s shop in the film Notting Hill. If you are a true bookworm, with tastes varying from thrillers to romance to comic books, then it’s almost certain that London will be able to cater to wherever your tastes lie.