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Relocation to London – New Year’s Resolutions Part 1

One of the more difficult obstacles to overcome after an international relocation is the food – or the differences to be more precise. The best way to overcome the new flavors and ingredients British food offers is to jump in and explore the waters. A good New Year’s Resolution for those new to London from a corporate relocation is to try a new quintessential British recipe each week.

Relocation to London – Victual Vocabulary

Relocation UK – Getting the hang of English food

Let’s start with chips. Many American moving to London spend quite a while figuring out that chips are actually French fries. English fries are much larger than the skinny chips of potato that you may be used to. They are also much fattier and usually come doused liberally in salt and vinegar from you local ‘chippy’. A chip butty is a sandwich made from white bread, lots of butter, hot oily chips and tomato sauce! It’s a treat to be sure, but not for the faint of heart or the strictly health conscious. It’s a guilty pleasure!

Living In London – A Quick Guide To London Shops And Shopping

When you’ve touched down in Old Blighty and you’re settled into you’re new London flat, you’ll want a list of shops that are convenient and centrally located that you can get to without busting your budget or your back to get there. It is a huge amount of fun to explore the quaint an unusual markets and stores while you’re living in London, but if you’re looking for a pint of milk and a newspaper or an aspirin for a headache, then you’ll need to go to your local shops.

Living in London – “Pint of Bitter, anyone?”

Moving to London is going to be one of the most interesting and informative periods of your life. You will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in a new culture and experience living in one of the greatest cities in the world. Now is not the time to stay at home in your London apartment; you need to get out and experience everything that London has to offer. Part of living in London, and indeed the rest of England is going down to the pub for a couple of pints.