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Relocation to London – Food Fundi

Part of the excitement of your relocation to London is the chance to experience a completely new culture. Many people who are planning their relocation to London from an English speaking country assume that “it will be the same”. It’s similar but definitely not the same. Even the English language is different.

Settling in to your new home and new city is as much a part of your international relocation as any other aspect. One of the best ways to explore a new city is through its cuisine. Fine dining in itself is of a similar standard across the world. To really experience the city after your relocation to London you need to see what real Londoners are eating.

Traditional Food?

Living In London – Discovering British Cuisine

When you are living in London you will find that people are divided into two camps. Those that are slightly disparaging about the concept of British cuisine and those that are proud of their traditional English food. One of the major issues seems to be the idea that Britain has no national dish! Part of this is because London, in particular. Is a transient city and England itself has always welcomed immigrants and foreigners to their shores. This has created something of a cultural melting pot, and this has spread across into the culinary field as well. So as soon as you are settled into your new London rental, you should spend some time sampling what are considered to be traditional English meals and foods.

Living in London – ‘Something Fishy’

Any Londoner about Fish ‘n Chips and you might get a slightly puzzled look, but this really is one of the great British traditions, and while many people living in London consider it a bit of a cheap alternative, it is well worth seeking out a great ‘chippy’ as they are known. Besides, until you have been here for a while you can still pass it off as a great tourist attraction. Do not let yourself become a jaded city dweller too fast or you will miss out on some of the nicest food you have ever tasted. British food, no doubt because of the weather, is like comfort food, it fills you up and keeps you warm on a winters day and you’ll get to experience the great home style cooking at some of the best eateries in town.

Fish and Chips – The Rock and