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Moving to London – The Preservation of St. Pancras (Part 1)

When you make a relocation to London, you don’t merely live inside your London apartment—you dwell in the city’s very history. There aren’t many London locations that don’t have an interesting history attached; I’m reminded of this every day and was last night in particular when I met fellow American expats for cocktails at the St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel. Housed in the same structure as the St. Pancras International rail station (this is where you catch the Eurostar to Paris and UK high-speed rail services), the hotel is… [read more]

Living In London – Getting OUT of London

If you are living in London, then getting out of town for the weekend occasionally is a great way to see England and Europe. Yes, that’s right, Europe is right on your doorstep. You can be in Paris in a couple of hours when you take the Eurostar from London. The Eurostar is a high speed train that travels underneath the English Channel and it truly is your entry into Europe. It’s high speed comfort all the way and is one of the most affordable options if you’re dying to take a mini-break and discover the sights of Europe. Once you’re over here, there is no point in sitting round all weekend admiring the view. You’ve made it all the way across the pond, now it’s just one step further and you can add Europe to your playground.