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Date Night Ideas after Moving to London, England, Part 2

Most couples like to take one day out of the year (or two or three) to really splurge and show each other how important the other one truly is. After moving to London, England, couples are given a rare opportunity to pull out all the stops and create a simply remarkable date night experience like none other before. This spring couples after moving to London, England can show their love and learn more about their new town by reserving a private capsule on the London Eye.

Making Use of Space when Moving to London, England

When moving to London, England those forced to downsize their accommodations quickly discover that space is quite a commodity. Rather than cram one’s flat with unnecessary and bulky furniture other options are available and affordable. There are many cultural differences in housing between the States and the UK and knowing about them before moving to London, England, will prevent a lot of problems and misunderstanding, and most likely, will save a good deal of money as well.

Understanding State Schools when Moving to London England

Families moving to London England from the United States often worry about their children’s education and rightfully so. There are many choices in education in England especially in London. Understanding the distinctions is the first step to making a decision before moving to London England. Unlike in the States public schools (or schools paid for by the government and free to attend) are called state schools. If referring to a ‘public school’ in London one means a privately owned and operated school.

Relocation to London – Christmas Religious Services

When moving to London, England many American families look for activities they enjoyed at home in the States. This could not be truer than during the Christmas season. With Christmas Eve just one day away many American families are thinking about attending religious services. London is a huge city with many churches. The Church of England is by far the largest denomination and holds many Christmas Eve and Christmas services in churches across the city.