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How to Move to London – Three Realistic Possibilities to Make the Dream Come True

Many Americans desiring a fresh start ask how to move to London. While there is no magic answer on how to best do this there are a few tried and true methods. Any US citizen can apply for a tourist via which is good for up to six months. This is great way to visit London and see if it is definitely where one wants to live. If after a prolonged visit an American still wishes to relocate there are, primarily, three ways to legally move across the pond.

Relocation Jobs – Negotiating Your Expat Package

Many London relocation services agents will tell you that the very FIRST aspect of your move to London is to negotiate a great expat package with your employer. The chance to live and work in one of the most famous, fascinating and fabulous cities in the world could be decidedly dreary if you’re not paying attention to your salary and the package offered to you by your employer.

Relocation Jobs – Moving to London and Finding Employment

If you are moving to London with your spouse or partner, then they will probably have a visa sponsored for them through their employer. If you want to work when you get to London, you will have to apply for a visa based on your spouse’s visa. They do sometimes issue a separate visa, which will mean that you are eligible to work in the United Kingdom. You might have to get your visa renewed while you are there but it does not take long to process.

Relocation to London – Headhunters for Jobhunters – the Basics

If you’re planning on moving to London as part of a relocation jobs program then your new employers will handle many of the details of your move. Many Americans moving to London are seconded by their American companies to work in the city for a few years. Most people will probably be working for American companies with offices in the UK. Being transferred is quite different to taking a job with an English company.