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International Relocation to London – Embracing Change

Make no mistake: an international relocation entails a lot of CHANGE. If you followed my posts earlier this month, hopefully you saw my one about author Cherie Colyer’s virtual launch of her novel, Embrace. Just as the book’s main character, Madison, is compelled to adapt to the changes in her life, Ms. Colyer has asked virtual launch participants to share our stories about doing just that: embracing change. If you’re planning your relocation to London and blogging about it, I hope you’ll share your tale as well.

For what it’s worth, here’s mine: [read more]

Relocation to London – Embracing Change During an International Move

if you’re like many expats I know, you might be blogging about your international relocation experience. A big part of the expat blog is not only about embracing adventure but embracing change. Change is inevitable; change is what helps us grow. Change also is intimidating and might not seem for the best at first. We all approach it differently; some of us are more adaptable than others, and some of us have different expectations of what change will mean. And change can have a funny way of surprising us with what it really has in store.

In celebration of embracing change, then, I’ve joined the virtual book launch for author Cherie Colyer’s debut novel, Embrace. Here are the details from her author blog: [read more]