Relocation to London – Olympics 2012

If you are planning your relocation to London anytime soon you’ll have to prepare for the fact that you’ll be in the city in 2012. That means the Olympic Games. Unless you’re planning on leaving the city next summer, you’ll be in the thick of things and London is ready to celebrate!

London is very proud to be the host for the Summer Olympics and everyone who is in London is talking about it. If you are moving to London right now, you’re a little late to take part in the ticket distribution and you may have to pay scalpers prices for premium tickets for the bog events next year.

As an American moving to London you’ll be able to enjoy the pomp and ceremony of the entire event and spend some time cheering on your national team. If you start feeling homesick after your relocation to London, just remember that hundreds of thousands of your countrymen are arriving in London next year!